Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Mubarak to you! Congratulations! To every person who is alive now &has the opportunity to live through and make the most of the days that have arrived, what are they? The 10 most beloved days to Allah. Let’s not UNDERESTIMATE this. This is a challenge&encouragement to myself first&others, let’s run to build […]

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Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

About a week ago, as I scrolled through my Whatsapp feed, I found a display picture that caused some introspection for my illusive mind, maybe for a a few days.
Then, so it happened, some time later, I received a post that inspired me, even if it was just for a short while. Co-incidentally, just before the weekend, an e-mail appeared in my inbox, as a clear reminder of what I should have been aspiring for since the beginning of Ramadaan. I read it and thought about it, and then forgot about it, just like the other words that I had previously been taken aback by, as I was caught in the moment.

They say technology in this era is the hugest Fitnah of the time… Just as magic was in the time of Musaa (AS) and Haroon (AS). And of course, no one can deny that technology and Social Media is one of the greatest time drainers in Ramadhaan… I know. I had to, (and still have to), work really hard to kill that attachment, but that’s not where I’m going with this post.

What I’m trying to say here, is that, as I received these messages, which I know are intended to be ‘inspiring’ and  ‘reflective’, I’ve come to notice that this ‘momentary inspiration’ has become a sort of trend for me. My heart softens momentarily as I get a tiny spiritual high, and I feel like I have progressed just a little. And then… Then I just fall back to where I always have been…. In that stagnant, unyielding place, where nothing I do is ‘felt’.

Feelings. Emotions.

Sometimes, we hang onto that ‘feeling’ that we experience during the most perfectly phrased message or the most inspirational of talks. We cling to that feeling, and expect to always feel that way, during any kind of Ibaadat. Sometimes, we even go to the extent of excluding that particular form of worship, if the desired ‘feeling’ isn’t accompanying whatever efforts we are making.

And right there, is when we should be thinking to ourselves… Like how I had thought to myself on that particular spiritually dead day… What exactly am I chasing here?

We want to ‘feel’ that connection, and ‘feel’ that spiritual high. We panic because we feel dead inside, and because every effort we are aspiring towards just feels so lifeless.

And with all these thoughts, as the tiny ray of sunshine found it’s way into my rusted heart, I thought to myself…


Am I supposed to be chasing Allah, or am I just chasing a ‘feeling’? Am I looking to fulfil my Nafs, or am I wanting to serve my Lord? Am I worshipping Ramadhaan, or am I hoping to be the slave who submits to the One Who created it?

The thing is, I get it. We see people whose lives have changed, and we also want to feel that revolutionary inspiration. But it’s as if your actions have no soul and your words have no heart.

And when I read this, having received it at the exactly right time, I realised that there is Someone who appreciates everything we do, even when we don’t see the true value.

‘What is the point of all of it? Your actions are robotic. Monotone. Without soul.

You wish you could be like that person praying next to you in taraweeh who sobs during every prostration. You want to be the one passionately pleading with Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He) with humility. Your hope is that you can be that person whose heart is broken before God.
You know what, though? You, too, are special to Allah (swt).

You who recites the Qur’an because you know it is good.

You who prays because Allah (swt) commanded you to.

You who attends lectures on Islam because you want to feel closer to Him.

The Prophet ﷺ told us that the person who recites the Qur’an and struggles with the recitation receives twice the reward: for their recitation and for their effort and struggle. Ibn Al-Qayyim used this hadith (tradition of the Prophet ﷺ) as the basis for his statement that the person who struggles to be devoted in prayer gets twice the reward: for the parts that he was devoted, and for his struggle to stay focused.

As long as you are trying, Allah (swt) is with you…’

And Allah is As-Shakoor. He loves it. He appreciates it. And He gets you.

Because at the end of the day, the one whose opinion matters is only the One that you are doing this all for. And if you are feeling down, just think about this.

Allah (SWT) gets it.

Because when you are making whudhu, and you are so careful to not even let a drop of water go down your throat… Who exactly are you making that effort for?

And when you are praying Qiyaam, in the dead of the night, when it feels like not a single soul is awake with you, Who knows your sincere intention?

And when you pour out your heart on your Musalla, knowing that Allah hears you, even though those tears don’t want to flow… Who sees your heart crying out?

HE gets it.

Because your efforts are pure. Because they are true. And because you are not worshipping a feeling. You do not place your forehead on the hard ground, solely for that ‘high’. You submit to Him, through every action you do, because Allah sees what you do not.

Including your heart.

Know your Allah… Know that you have a Generous, Fostering, Patient and Kind Lord who is actually shy to turn away a believer when he is asking of Him.

He can bring back whatever is lost.

He can bring you back to Him.

And so, to the heart that is #Numb:

Do not give up just yet. Don’t find other things to keep your focus. Don’t get distracted because you feel that you actions will hold no weight. Don’t ever feel despondent, because you are still on a journey.

You are still trekking forward, and you are most definitely going to reach that place where you see all the rewards that have been allocated for every ‘little’ action that you did.

So, keep on doing good. Keep on with the aspirations. Push yourself to the limits. Exert yourself with all the effort you can encompass.

And for that, Allah will not only love you, but He will show that love for you. And on that day, when you eventually see your rewards, you will be so grateful for your perseverance, because only then will you see the true value of how big your ‘little’ action was, in His eyes.

Only then will you see how truly grateful Allah is for every effort you made, not for your Nafs, but only for Him.

And InshaAllah, for you, the discerning Slave of Allah, on that day… There will be no sorrow nor any grief.

That’s His promise.

“O My servants! There is no fear for you on that Day, nor shall you grieve.” (Surah Zukhruf: 68)

As these last ten days dawn on us, let us make extra effort to find that motivation and push ourselves to the limits. Indeed, Allah has not made the Night of Power in the first or middle ten days of this blessed month. He has placed in the last ten days so that we may aspire for it and aim to find it. So that we can muster every ounce of energy we have left, and exert ourselves in  a way that we haven’t yet, throughout this Ramadhaan.

Find that reserved energy, and let that second wind gush forth. Drive yourself in a way that you had never thought yourself capable of. Leave the phone and time-drainers aside, and use every minute of this month wisely. Insha Allah. May Allah allow me, this humble writer, to practise on whatever I am trying to relate first, and inspire the enitre Ummah. Let’s bring alive all our Sunnahs, and make a goal chart, if we haven’t yet.

For example, per day:

500 Durood

1.5 Juz Qur’an 

500 Istighfaar

Fadhaail Amaal- 3 pages


Just a guideline. May Allah make it easy.




A Du’aa we may have forgotten.


Duaa water

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Our Discarded Gift

The Night of Ascension occurred at a time in Nabi’s (SAW) life where he was feeling at a loss due to the death of his dear wife Khadijah (RA), and his uncle Abu Talib.
It was a gift from Allah to elevate His Nabi (SAW), and to show him that even if the people of the Earth may reject him, the Heavens will welcome him with open arms. Due to the fact that I do not have the time at this moment to write the post I had in mind, Insha Allah, I’m hoping that this previously penned post will serve for us (myself first) to remind us about the Sabaq of Mi’raj.
May Allah help us to make Amal.


بسم الله

Quran, (17:1).. “Glorious is He Who made his servant travel by night from Al-Masjid-ul-Haram to Al-Masjid-ul-Aqsa of which environs We have blessed, so that We let him see some of Our signs. Surely, He is the All-Hearing, the All- Seeing.”

We are forced to contemplate, as we are left only with the shadows of these days as they race by, leaving us at a complete loss.

A sense of excitement and anticipation rises, while we find ourselves heading for the month of mercy. The month of the Qur’an. The month for spirituality. The month for us.

But before the blessed month dawns upon us, it is a true gift, that we are bestowed with two more beautiful months in our midst.

The events of this miraculous month are drilled mechanically into our minds, but we cannot envisage what had occurred from the quarters of the Holy Mosque in…

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To my Fellow Muslim bloggers…

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Umar Ibn Al Khattab (r.a) said: “Invite people to Islam even without words.”

They asked: How? He replied

“With your Manners.”

Assalaamu Alaykum dear friends.

I greet you, in the name of Islam.
In the name of peace, because that what Islam means.
In the context of ‘submission’ because that is what our religion teaches.

I greet the fellow Muslim bloggers, some of who I’ve come to admire and be inspired by, knowing that whatever they set out to do is in the best interest of our beautiful Deen.

And I greet you all, because that is what a fellow Muslim does.

‘Spread peace’, is what our Nabi (SAW) said and encouraged, requesting for us to fill the world by this greeting of tranquillity, and to unleash the harmony to whoever may be open to it. To expand our horizon, so that eventually, the whole world can be filled with that peace. Insha Allah.

On my recent spree of attempting to find some reading material that is suitable and completely Halaal to read, unfortunately, my senses were sent into oblivion as I sifted through various fictional ‘Muslim’ blogs. It saddened me to see that although there is use of Muslim names, and even a mention of the One who created us, the contents are somewhat… Less desirable.
In fact, dear friends, I find it insulting that, under the banner of Islam, literature, filled with glorified persistent and unyielding Zinaa is written. I find my hope in today’s youth slowly diminishing, as I come across another sin-filled blog.
And yes, before I get bombarded with ‘this is the reality of Muslims’, think to yourself, dear friend; Is this the kind of image you desire for others to think of Islam?
We need to remember, by showing no remorse or solution to the problem, what are we telling our youth? Just continue to sin, because it will all just end up being happily ever after anyway?

I’m sorry about the brazenness, people, but this issue has been a part of my thoughts for some time.

Friends, indeed, our Deen has the answers to everything. We reject nothing of Deen, when we submit to Allah Ta’ala, and embrace it completely. We accept it completely, ‘kafah’, which means that we don’t pick and choose which parts of Deen that we use.

We don’t select the bits that impress or sound nice on paper.

Because, as Muslims, we believe in the outwardly beautiful practises we partake of, like Iman,loving for the pleasure of Allah, Salaah, Qur’an recitation and Ramadhaan… Just to name a few.
But we also have a firm faith in that which is not beautiful, but are reprimanded in Islam as a warning to us, like Zinaa, pride, extravagance and Riyaa… To name but a few.
May Allah protect us, my dear friends.

And so, I write this with what I hope is a heart full of sincerity, and with concern. The way I see it, this Deen, that Allah has privileged us with, is like having a beautiful BMW parked off in our garage.

We have a less updated, or even crappy, model, that we use every day, just for running around, but this beautiful super-car is still parked off in the garage, unused. It serves no purpose to us, because we haven’t yet given it a ride. We haven’t yet experienced the hum of it’s tweaked motor or the feeling of it’s gorgeous leather seats. We haven’t yet smelled that coffee-coloured wood that was so perfectly fitted, or opened the sun roof to soak up the effect of what it can give us.

We’ve just parked it off… Unopened. And the worst part is, my dear friends, we haven’t even told anyone that we have this BMW in our garage. In case somebody else wanted to use it. We show them the less attractive version, because that’s what suits us.
We’ve been selfish, because we haven’t even let them take a sneak peak of the true model… So they can take it or decide whether they’d like to purchase one for themselves, and actually use it.

Strange, isn’t it? I mean, who would purchase such an expensive car… The top of the range… Just to park it off?

Sadly, this is the reality of most of us in Islam. It’s not about practising Islam. We keep this Deen as an ornament, portraying a less flashy and downgraded version. We pick and choose, like it’s a buffet.
Basically, it’s become a fashion for us, because the Muslims, ironically, who are supposed to be focused on the hereafter, have the best of this Duniyaa. Our competition has become a competition not for Deen, but for Duniyaa. Muslims are killing Muslims, not for Deen, but for Duniyaa. But in my humble opinion, dear readers, this literature that is so easily accessible, is how it starts.

When we start portraying Duniyaa as something enviable and as something that we cannot do without. It happens when we start portraying the ideologies of the west as something that is great and superior to Islam. When we write in a fashion that makes every Makrooh and Haraam act a glorification and dismisses them as something light.

This, my friends, is how it starts. Western media and movies have nothing on the type of writing that appeals directly to that fourteen-year-old, just waiting for that dream that she’s always had, to come alive for her. When she reads about the group of Muslim friends going on road trips with no concept of Hayaa and Pardah whatsoever, she begins to dream about the same kind of lifestyle. When she reads of a seventeen-year old, in the midst of the most beautiful scenery, having her boyfriend of a few years, she yearns to also be in that Haraam love.
Our youth are reading these blogs, and they are falling into that trap. They are getting carried away with the idea of a romance before marriage… Of this huge house, smart cars and weekend to Dubai that many cannot even dream of, leave alone afford. They are blown away with status and wealth, which Allah tells us is but a trial for us. A Fitnah.

A Fitnah. That’s exactly what most blogs are becoming, sadly. A mere entertainment and a go at creating the most perfect off-screen romance. The more Zinaa, sadly, the more popular. The more Zinaa, brands and extravagance, the keener people become.

We’ve created idols out of these worldly things, and not even realised. Shaytaan uses these devices to capture the mind of the innocent one.The mind of the Muslim, who might just be looking for a little reading diversion. The mind of a pure thirteen-year-old becomes a target of these ideologies, just because she is using her home computer to log in and read fictional stories for some in-house entertainment.

It’s sad, dear friends. And of course, though it’s not limited to us, South African mentality is deteriorating to an extent that we cannot even realise how off-track we are. We are so blinded by our desires, that we don’t even see it as wrong any more. We think that, in our comfort zone, we can continue to sin and glorify sin and think nothing of it. It’s all cool, because we live in a fantastic world where we believe that we are invincible.

Allah’s punishment is very real people, lets us remember.

And remember! your Lord caused to be declared (publicly): “If ye are grateful, I will add more (favours) unto you; But if ye show ingratitude, truly My punishment is terrible indeed.” (Surah Ibrahim: Verse 7)

Let us not be so ignorant, folks. Let’s not be ungrateful. Let us show gratitude and turn to Allah.

Let’s not try and shoot down that one person who comments on a blog to say it’s wrong, because it suits our Nafs.

In a nutshell, if the literature we write is the type of writing that does no good for Islam,  let us kindly stop using Islam to back it. Change our names, if we must. Write without involving our sacred Deen.

This is not to say don’t write about reality in the Muslim world… We’re just saying, don’t tarnish it to the extent that it cannot ever be redeemed, and the beauty of our complete religion is still completely veiled, like that gorgeous BMW still parked off in our garage…


I humbly ask all to please make me maaf IF I have offended anyone. This post was not written with that intention, or with anyone particular in mind, rather as a means of guidance and for myself first. Whatever has been said here that is good is from Allah, and whatever is not, is most definitely out of my own weakness.

Uhibukki Fillah.



Please remember our Sunnah Revival that we should always try to keep up! Lots of Durood on this beautiful Jumuah… Insha Allah!










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Draw Cards

Dear readers… InshaAllah, this will be the last post of the new blog I will be reblogging… If you wish to follow the new story, go to A Chance to Change, scroll down and click follow after entering your e-mail addy. May it be an inspiring read!

Happy reading, folks 🌹


Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

My reality, at the time...

Perfectly set tie. Check.

Matching matt belt. Check.

Tom Ford Oud. Wow. Check.

Hair looking cool. Duh. Check.

I glanced at the mirror, slightly dissatisfied with what I saw. Something wasn’t right.

Fitted jeans or tailored pants? I was torn. I was wearing my new 5 grand shoes, and just couldn’t decide which pants set better on them.

I shrugged, deciding not to make it an issue. Either way, I would still look like a boss. Girls needed to think that I didn’t really make much of an effort. Not that I did anyway. I had plenty of suits but I had decided against wearing one today. I was taking it easy. Everyone would be in a suit. I wanted to be different.

“Where’re you goin’?”

I swung around, only to see Waseem watching me. It looked like he was probably standing there for a while.

He still…

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A Little Intervention

Beginning of a piece… May we benefit from it’s lessons…


Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Muhammed was just an ordinary guy. An ordinary guy with an ordinary life. Plain and simple. Nothing special.

Honestly, now that I think about it, he had nothing going for him, except the fact that he was, I suppose, ‘street-wise’. And that’s what he had used to get to the top. He really lived the life. And, no, you could never undermine it. His life was what anyone would call a high-life.

Somehow, he had bagged himself a trophy wife. No-one really knew where she came from. And she was anything but ordinary. He just kind of came to us one day and said he was getting married. And that was that. Done and dusted.

Of course, there was always a favourite child. Then came Waseem.

He was in the middle, but very evidently, the blue-eyed boy. Waseem was the leader, in any crowd. The conspicuous one…

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Shifting the Focus

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

A Journey: A Chance to Change.

It was a long road for me… I was at a place where I could never imagine I would ever be at. I had gone against the odds, against the norm. I had told myself that ‘people like me’ don’t ever do this. People like me, coming from the place that I’ve come from, don’t get a second chance.

And no, it wasn’t terrible. The place that I was at, wasn’t inadequate.

I ran my hands through my hair, tilting my head back in the sun, unable to fathom how I had got here. The images still played in my mind every night, especially before I slept, but I had supposed that even that was a reminder of Allah’s mercy on me. The fact that I had been removed from where I was, deeper than I had thought I could get. Sometimes I forgot where exactly it was that I had come from. Sometimes I needed to jolt myself into reality, to realise that I didn’t deserve any of this.

I always wondered what would happen if they found out. I shoved the thought out of my mind as I kept my mind on the focal point. It didn’t matter.

I wasn’t sure how I was ever going to explain to anyone why I was here. How was I ever going to rationalise it all?

I shook my head to myself. At the end of the day, all of that didn’t matter.

‘You’ll deal with that when the time comes,’ I said to myself, closing my eyes. ‘Cross that bridge when you get there.’

Bridges. I pictured them, literally, in my mind. I’ve always had a literal kind of mind, trying to encompass everything in my mind’s eye.

Bridges again. Bridges and bridges that I had crossed. Bridges that I still had to cross, in order to get to the other side.

“But what about that bridge,” Muhammed was saying to me, a twinkle in his eye. I could hear his voice somewhere in the distance. He explained it so elaborately, I literally shivered as I envisioned it.

Because then… I anticipated it. I awaited the final bridge- the one that every person will have to cross. The one that will appear thinner than a strand of hair, with the blazing fire beneath it.

Unlimited, the pit of all pits. Unyielding, the torment of it, bubbling and brutal, waiting to suck its occupants into its fury. Boiling water and burning iron rods. The keepers; nineteen angels, who are swift in carrying out whatever they are commanded, never disobeying their Lord.

But…. But wait… Ah!

Just hold up…. Because, yet, on the other side, there was a blanket of infinite idealism. A perfect picture. Priceless and timeless. Indulgence, to the finest degree. Reclining on thrones of gold. Unaffected by anything that could even potentially affect any of it’s inhabitants.

Truly, there was not even a chance of that happening, because in Jannah, there is no hatred or envy. No malice or dispute. No depression or oppression. The greetings will surround us, as the angels convey to us their Salaam. We’ll once again be with those dear and lost, with those whom we loved, sipping from goblets of the finest types, to converse and immerse ourselves in glory… Aware that our Lord is most definitely pleased with how we had fared in this life.

I couldn’t wait… There was no opportunity for the swelling within my chest to increase as my heart literally ached to actually experience that. Jannah – the place of palaces. Bricks of gold and silver, mortar of musk. Beauty that the mind cannot imagine. Homes built one upon the other, the land of the successful. Where your companions will be the prophets, the martyrs, the pious, the scholars, the truthful – and what great companions they are! The likes of Nabi (SAW) in our midst, but greater than that, is the Lord my Nabi (SAW). And MY Rabb too, of course. No-one can imagine what it would be like when the veils are finally lifted, revealing the epitome of magnificence… to see Him… My Lord.

I jolted and my head involuntarily turned as I heard the footsteps approaching me, slowly but confidently… I slipped back into present tense, realising that I was still here… In my worldly existence. The dream world had been lifted away from me, as I awoke, my eyes adjusting to the light.

The figure approached me from the house, and I instantly remembered where I had been putting my focus all this time. How ignorant I had been…

Dressed to perfection, with not a crease on the brand new Hugo Boss shirt. The perfectly fitted shoes, complimenting the grey stripe that featured on the fashionable attire. Not even a pucker on bottom of his skinny-cut Armani jeans. Never a single strand of perfectly-gelled hair out of place.

I silently nodded, as I had always done, acknowledging some sort of approval. Not knowing, that in my heart of hearts, something had to let. Something had to change here.

We compete for everything of this world but forget what we supposed to be competing for. We sometimes don’t even care if we ever will win that competition, when it so clearly unveiled.

Were our hearts completely sealed? The signs are so obvious. It’s all made so clear.

Gardens of perpetual bliss, we are constantly reminded. A spring of Jannah, is what is said. It’s mixture…. Of Tasneem. Pure wine, they say. The most beautiful of flavours, we can’t even imagine.

The true reality of the hereafter is appealing to us… Oh competitors, oh slaves of Allah, caught in this race of wealth and trial! Let us compete and rush towards the forgiveness of Allah and Paradise. We are so caught up. I wanted to shout it out… To let the world know. It was only a deception, an illusion… Every single thing will perish, right down to the finest pieces of linen that we so cherish.

Remember this, the final abode, even if you forget everything else:

“…So for this let the competitors compete.” (Surah Al Mutaffifin:26)


Author’s note: Assalaamu Alaykum, dear readers. I apologise. I know, I’ve been terrible. Even with the Mission Sunnah Revival. I don’t know where the time has gone to.  I don’t really know where I’m going with this post. Maybe, just maybe, it will be the beginning of something new? Or a continuation of something old…? Maybe it will just serve as a reminder. Maybe I needed it more than anyone else, because a reminder is always beneficial. Who knows what Allah Ta’ala has in store. I don’t know when next I will post, but in the meantime, let’s try and adjust our focus from Duniyaa to Aakihirah. Insha Allah. I too, more than anyone else, have become so lax and weak. Too comfy in this Duniyaa life. Let’s shift our focus.

The shortage of rain that most of the South African Ummah is experiencing is a huge concern. Yes, we do waste water and should try not to. Yes, sometimes we blow hot air just to give people a piece of our minds, but we truly are forgetting Who is in charge of it all. The shortage of rain is directly linked to the amount of mercy that Allah Ta’ala is bestowing on us. Or lack, thereof. Even in the month of mercy, Ramadhaan, we had experienced a huge shortage of rain. Let us turn to Allah NOW, make abundant Istighfaar, give out Sadaqah and pray that whatever positive changes we, as individuals, can make, will make an impact. 

Let’s continue to revive the Sunnahs we may have become lax with. A beautiful Sunnah that I had not yet introduced was the Sunnah of Combing the Hair before Sleeping. So easy yet so rewarding. Don’t forget to recite Qur’an every day, at least a quarter, Insha Allah.










#Revive the SunnahofSleeping

#ReciteQur’anDaily – at least a quarter

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